I have drawn my entire life.

A pencil has always been my confidant and the switch that ignites my brain. It has always been so.
For me, drawing is thinking, they are forever linked. Just looking at a past drawing or doodle instantly triggers what I was thinking at that particular time. My own language, silent, only a few can read it. Maybe you can.

I was born in Eastern Kentucky. I live here now. My inspirations are deeply tangled but the seeds were planted by my mountain family. Creativity abounds, unabated by hardship.

I studied art under Maud Gatewood and Robert Marsh at Averett University earning a B.A. degree for Art in 1991. It was a magical place and time. History oozed from the walls, from every nook it seemed that a memory haunted. Where else can you learn to paint and draw in an empty swimming pool?

I received a most welcome fellowship and teaching assistantship to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree there in 1998. History oozed from these walls as well, you just had to scrape a little harder.

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